Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Web Site Connects With Bob Veillette


New Web site shares story
of stricken Naugatuck editor

NAUGATUCK — The family and friends of Bob Veillette, a borough man who suffered a stroke in 2006 that left him with a rare form of paralysis known as "locked-in syndrome," have launched a Web site to help bring Veillette's story to a wider audience.

The Worx Group, a full service marketing communications company located in Prospect, donated the services necessary to build and host the site, called www.bobveillette.com. The site is packed with information about Veillette, his condition and the numerous efforts to help him and his family financially.

Veillette, 62, is paralyzed below the eyes but totally cognizant of the world around him. The longtime former managing editor of the Republican-American can see, hear, smell, think and feel pain, but he can't move or speak. He communicates by spelling out words using a system that involves opening his eyes when a speaker, reading letters organized into a list of those most frequently used, mentions the right one.

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