Sunday, December 09, 2007

Whippings & Beatings Part Of Curious Legal Strategy By Douche Bags

But, First,
A Thought For The Day:

"The whole history of the civil rights movement is a history of people who appear powerless, who appear to be helpless and who manage - by perseverance, by risk taking, by courage - to organize, to speak out, to gain adherents, to win the sympathy of people, to win support, and to finally break through and make some changes. The whole civil rights movement is an example of that …

" … The forces of segregation claimed that they would never give in; this is a common thing you often see in history, that people who hold on to the status quo often say, 'We will never be defeated.' [Does this ring a bell in Region 10?] The Ford Motor Company facing the strikers of the the 1930s, General Motors facing its strikers in 1936-37, saying 'Oh no, they can't beat us - we're too big, we're too strong.' They were defeated … "

-- Howard Zinn, from Original Zinn with David Barsamian

Douche Bags Cite Whippings, Beatings
In 170-Year-Old Law To Justify Suppression
Of Free Speech, Rigged Election, Banning Of Candidate

Their Arguments Before U.S. Second Circuit
Debunked In Final Appeal Brief, Filed 12-5-07
By Atty. Jon Schoenhorn In Avery Doninger Free Speech Case,
AKA, The Famous Douche Bag Case

Howd & Ludorf Atty. Thomas Gerarde and Atty. Christine Chinni of Chinni & Meuser cited two 19th century cases involving beating of young children by schoolmasters as part of their argument that school officials have the right to control certain behaviors. One of the children whipped was six or seven years old and had marks for at least two days. In the other case, perhaps comparable to invading the bedroom computer of a current high school student, a schoolmaster went to an 11-year-old boy's house and beat him with rawhide.

This is the message sent by Regional District 10 School Superintendent Paula Schwartz and Lewis Mills High School Principal Karissa Niehoff.

A hearing before the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to be scheduled for sometime in January 2008.

See pages 21-22 of the final reply brief by Schoenhorn.

Doninger Final Reply Brief

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    Anonymous said...

    By using that 19th century example, they were joking... right?
    Do they know what year this is?

    Aldon Hynes said...

    Considering that the legal team that used a case involving beatings to justify their actions is the same legal team that referred to students as inmates and the school as an asylum, I'm not sure they were joking. I fear it reflects on how horribly out of touch the school administration at Lewis Mills High School and their legal team really are.