Thursday, January 24, 2008

McCain Vulnerable On POW / MIA Files

Winter's Soldier Story

The "Other" 300;
US Vietnam War POWs -
Discarded, Disregarded, Abandoned and Betrayed!
Will Hillary Use Them Against McCain?

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By Ronald Winter

While Republican candidates running for the presidential nomination were slugging it out in South Carolina last week, news began seeping out in the national media that a group of Vietnam Veterans was campaigning against fellow Vietnam veteran Sen. John McCain!

That Vietnam vets would take umbrage against McCain was surprising, but to find that they were angry with him over his handling of the POW/MIA issue from that war is outright shocking, considering McCain's status as the most famous of the Vietnam era POWs.

Regardless of what any individual or media outlet thinks about this issue or the people who are raising it, John McCain has to face it head on and deal with it now. If he doesn't, and he is the Republican nominee for president, you can bet whatever is of value to you that Hillary Clinton will successfully use it against him if she wins the Democratic nomination.

Anyone who doubts that should find a video of the Democratic debate in South Carolina between Clinton, Barack Obama and occasionally John Edwards on Jan. 21. Watch her. Listen to her. Learn from that confrontation and you will know what any Republican candidate who faces her can expect next fall.

The group that is opposing the Arizona senator, Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain, to some degree is questioning his conduct as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. But the bigger and more volatile issue driving the group's criticism is McCain's conduct 20 years later as a member of a Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs charged with investigating persistent reports of live sightings of American POWs in Southeast Asia.

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    POW Warrior said...

    More on McCain and how he has systematically made himself a barrier between POW/MIA Families and the answers that they seek.

    The POW Warrior

    SteveMDFP said...

    There is new research that documents John McCain's betrayal of his fellow Vietnam POWs and their families:

    McCain and the POW Cover-up