Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Kick off your Super Sunday with hundreds of people opposed to the war.
Hope to see you there and please help spread the word.

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Anti-war protest at John McCain campaign rally -- Special guests: Joe Lieberman, Chris Shays, Rob Simmons

WHEN: Sunday, February 3 at 12 Noon

WHERE: Sacred Heart University -- University Commons -- 151 Park Avenue Fairfield

John McCain, the most pro-war candidate for President in 2008, will be holding a cammpaign rally on the campus of Sacred Heart University. He will be joined by pro-war cronies Joe Lieberman, Chris Shays and Rob Simmons.

McCain has been ataunch supporter of the War on Iraq, and is an advocate of going to war with Iran.

Details for parking and an assembly area will follow as quickly as we can verify them. Anti-war activists need to come out in force and let John McCan know that war is not the answer.

Campaign signs and stickers for political candidates ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THIS DEMONSTRATION. We want our focus on our oppostion to the war and McCain's support of a failed policy. This rally is about our opposition to the war, and all the issues that are affected by the war. Our economy is in a recession because of all the money being wasted in Iraq coupled with tax cuts for thosev who least need them. Please bring lots of signs and noisemakers!!!

For more information; contact John Murphy 860-995-3389 or Dan Diaz 860-233-2132.

[The] COW Newsletter will contain info on anti-war efforts and COW meetings and events.

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