Thursday, January 24, 2008

Team Obama CT

Obama Campaign Announces
Connecticut Leadership Council

Senate President Don Williams and Ned Lamont to co-chair diverse group of elected officials, activists who will oversee organizing for Obama in communities across the state

HARTFORD, CT -- The Obama campaign today announced the membership of our Connecticut Leadership Council at a press conference at the Capitol in Hartford. Senate President Pro Tempore Don Williams and Ned Lamont will co-chair the group of Connecticut leaders, which will oversee organizing and outreach to undecided voters in communities across the state as the February 5 primary approaches.

"I know what it takes to bring people from different perspectives together to hammer out real solutions. Senator Obama's track record of getting results in the Senate and his years working to help families as a community organizer make him uniquely qualified to lead our country at this critical time. I am condfident that under an Obama Presidency, Connecticut - as well as all states - will have a real partner in Washington who will help us enact meaningful and substantial health care and energy reforms. The enthusiasm in Connecticut is palpable across the state, and the Leadership Council is ready to get to work for the final push." said Senator Don Williams, Co-Chair of the Connecticut Leadership Council.

"The people of Connecticut are looking for fundamental change-health care for every American and the restoration of our standing in the world. Barack Obama is the only candidate in this race who had the judgment to oppose the war in Iraq from the start, and he's the only candidate who can energize new voters and bring people together for real change," said Ned Lamont, Co-Chair of the Connecticut Leadership Council.

Members of the Leadership Council will work in their regions to build volunteer capacity, organize supporters, and reach out to undecided voters. Membership of the Leadership Council is expected to grow in the coming days as more Connecticut leaders decide that Barack Obama is the candidate who can bring about real change.

The Obama Campaign Connecticut Leadership Council

State Sen. Donald E. Williams, Co-Chair
Ned Lamont, Co-Chair

Mayor John DeStefano
State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz
State Rep. Beth Bye
State Rep. Tom Christiano
State Rep. Charles D. Clemons
State Sen. Eric D. Coleman
State Rep. Stephen Dargan
State Rep. Kim Fawcett
State Rep. Art Feltman
State Rep. Steve Fontana
State Rep. Gerald Fox
State Rep. Henry J. Genga
State Rep. Jack Hennessy
State Rep. Ernest Hewett
State Rep. Karen Jarmoc
State Rep. Tom Kehoe
State Rep. Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey
State Sen. Martin M. Looney
State Rep. John "Corky" Mazurek
State Rep. David McCluskey
State Rep. Douglas McCrory
State Rep. Denise W. Merrill
State Rep. Russell Morin
State Rep. Bruce Morris
State Rep. Melissa Olson
State Rep. Jim O'Rourke
State Rep. Walter Pawelkiewicz
State Rep. Tom Reynolds
State Rep. J. Brendan Sharkey
State Rep. James F. Spallone
State Rep. William Tong
State Rep. Diana Urban
State Rep. Peter F. Villano
State Rep. Toni E. Walker
State Rep. George Wilber
State Rep. Roberta Willis
State Rep. Elissa Wright
Alderman Gina Calder
Commissioner for Planning and Zoning Ed Vargas

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