Sunday, January 06, 2008

Waterbury Paper Notes Douche Bag FOI Hearing

FOI hearing held
on student blogger

Print edition
Jan. 6, 2008
Page B3

HARTFORD - A Freedom of Information hearing was held Friday related to the case of Avery Doninger, a senior at Lewis Mills High School who was barred from running for class secretary after she called administrators "douche bags" on a personal blog.

She and her mother, Lauren Doninger, filed a lawsuit last July against Mills Principal Karissa Niehoff and Region 10 Superintendent Paula Schwartz claiming violation of free speech.

Litchfield blogger and freelance journalist Andy Thibault, who has taken interest in the case and become an avid supporter of Doninger, filed the Freedom of Information complaints that were heard Friday, which include that the district did not provide copies of ballots in the timely manner required by law that show Doninger won the class secretary race by write-in votes and has not provided requested bills showing how much the district is spending on legal representation in the Doninger case.


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