Thursday, February 21, 2008

Perspective On McCain NY Times Story

Colin McEnroe, To Wit

I don't much care about the blonde. The blonde is the hook. The blonde is what makes people read the story. (I had the same reaction as Wonkette. She looks like a young Cindy McCain. Or like Amy

Poehler imprersonating Cindy McCain. Wonkette's bullet points, by the way, aren't bad if you're too lazy to read the whole Times story.)

The larger problem for John McCain is that the story makes clear the degree to which -- despite all his post-Keating self-flagellation -- John McCain continued to operate in a way that was not appreciably different from his pre-Keating days. If you're flying around in the corporate jets of people who have business in front of your committee, you're a reformer in a rather puny sense.

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