Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Comment About Legal Fees, Records Tampering, Intractable Posture

Hartford Courant


Region 10 and the prior superintendent have not shown the town of Harwinton and Burlington 100% proof that the school districts Insurance Company will cover and pay 100% for the lawsuit. If this happens then the citizens of Harwinton & Burlington will be asked to pick up the cost in the 2009-2010 school budgets. If the allegations are true that past school admistrators took it upon them selves to hide some of the students personnel file from her parent/parents then this would be an ethics violation. I hope these rumors are not true because if they are then the insurance company may have exclusion in the schools insurance policy to deny the claim and not pay for the lawsuit.

What is a shame is Paula Schwartz the past Superintendent was offered an apology and she refused to accept it. It is very sad when peoples EGOS get in the way. To the citizens of Region 10 school district this lawsuit should not have gone this far.

My question for the past superintendent Paula Schwartz and current Principal Karissa Niehoff, why did they not sit down with the Jamfest Committee at the time and help them find a new venue if the new auditorium was not ready ? Other area high schools could have been used or other venues used. Alls you need to do was just ask seems like some one did not want Jamfest to happen, because if they truly did then they would have reached out and found a venue for the students.

Thank god we have a wonderful new Region 10 superintendent who treats his staff, teachers and students with respect and dignity.

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