Friday, March 28, 2008


Politics In Cyber-Space

Ron Samul announces Kelly Ripley Feller and her article "Riding the Wave" now appearing in Miranda Magazine. She took her Avatar into Second Life to examine the impact of the Presidential Campaigns in this simulated world. Kelly will be a regular to the Miranda staff and we welcome her professionalism, expertise, and her synthesis of the world of new media. Please forward to others who might be interested.

Kelly has enjoyed a fulfilling and diverse professional career managing marketing and communications strategies for organizations that include non-profit, natural foods, healthcare, and high technology. She has worked with a variety of technology companies including Intel, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Intuit, SAS Software, Symantec, and IBM. Today she manages social media programs for a Fortune 100 technology company and writes about social media, marketing, business, Second Life, and politics in her dwindling spare time. An enthusiastic live music lover and classical singer, Kelly performs at local schools and senior homes and is a hospice volunteer for veterans. She has been active in Second Life for over a year and a half—the equivalent of several lifetimes in that virtual realm. She lives outside of Portland, OR with her husband and son, and holds a BA in Communications and Political Science from the University of Michigan.

Independent Film Review

We are pleased to have Aaliyah Miller as a writer and reviewer. Please see her movie review Inside the Outsider. Aaliyah Miller believes the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. This belief has kept her grounded as an artist and professional working in projects that encompass theatre, television, and film. Learning to multi-task as a “jack of trades” in these three fields has not only deepened her commitment to the arts, it has elevated her personal drive to achieve success.

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