Thursday, March 06, 2008

Scott Greenfield Of "Simple Justice" Blog Weighs In On Move To Overturn Kravitz's Pathetic Decision

Last September, I posted about the pathetic decision in the Avery Doninger case, where a United States District Judge in Connecticut who held that "douchebag", posted about school officials by a student on her website, was sufficiently "vulgar" that it warranted the student being denied the right to run for student government office.

Judge Mark Kravitz, sitting high on the bench in fine black robes, then executed the duties of his office in exemplary fashion.

The court blithely deferred to the school administration, holding that who was he, a federal judge, to pass on the question of the propriety of punishment imposed upon an American by a government official. Didn't anyone ever give him the judge handbook? If not a federal judge, then who?

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