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What To Do With Downtown T-Ville ...

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Can we please, please, please just get back to the important topic of "what" to do with Enfield, downtown, Thompsonville?

I thought an earlier suggestion about constructing a combination court house and prison facility in that area, a pretty good one (of course if money is no object).

Think about it. Prisoners could be transported by train to and from
Enfield and other courts in CT. The state prisons are already overflowing and if folks want to keep criminals off the street, they have to be locked up somewhere. Enfield already has prisons, so what's one more?

Perhaps correction officers and other employees could receive some kind of housing "rebates" to purchase homes near this facility? Where there's a court house, there are usually attorney offices, bail bonds, etc. So some of the older homes could be renovated for these uses.

Asnuntuck Community College teaches courses in criminal justice, so perhaps they could make use of the
facilities for training.

This would certainly give a "police presence" to the area and hopefully make people think twice about a life of crime.

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