Monday, April 21, 2008

Connecticut Opposes The War Gears Up For Bush / Kissinger Protest Friday

President Bush is Coming to Connecticut

President Bush is appearing at Henry Kissinger's house for a fundraiser for [State Sen.] David Cappiello, who is challenging freshman Chris Murphy (D5-CT).

Fundraiser guests are being told to arrive by 10 AM so they can be checked in by security. Bush is coming at 11:30 AM. At 1 PM we will head to the center of Kent and march on Main Street (Route 7). Even if people can make it for the end, it is important to come and make a statement against the war ...

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  • Greet Der Fuehrer At Another War Criminal's House In NW Ct April 25
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    Falcon said...

    What is wrong with you! I can't believe the stuff that you pass off as NEWS!
    Whop de do! George W. is coming to Corrupticut! That is news???
    And he is meeting with that dinosaur of "diplocmacy" Henry, "my place or yours" Killinger?

    All that and no mention that April 22 is the day I first got laid.

    Get your priorities right douchebag!