Saturday, June 14, 2008

Channel 30 Catches Up On Principal Suspension

Principal In Free Speech Case
Suspended For Privacy Breach

A Burlington high school principal who was sued by a student last year in a federal free speech lawsuit was disciplined over accusations she breached the student's privacy.

In an e-mail response to a Wisconsin man criticizing her discipline of the student, principal Karissa Niehoff of Lewis S. Mills High School disclosed information about the student, The Hartford Courant reported Saturday. The e-mail cited district records and the student's mother.

Niehoff was suspended without pay for two days this week and ordered to attend workshops or training sessions on federal student privacy law.

Doninger's mother, Lauren, who filed the lawsuit after her daughter was barred from serving as senior class secretary because she used offensive slang in reference to school administrators, said the principal made critical comments and sent it into cyberspace. She said her daughter was punished for doing essentially the same thing.

Niehoff did not immediately return a telephone call to her residence Saturday.

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