Thursday, July 24, 2008

Direct From Germany: Hans Felsendinger Reports On Obama Visit

  • Hans Can Feel The Excitement

  • Afternoon Drive With Colin McEnroe

  • Photo Of Hans
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    Consent of the Governed said...

    Colin's fake accents are so awful. He really ought to cease and desist.

    It was pretty disgusting how Obama tried to make himself out to be some sort of Reagan wannabe with his references today to bringing down "walls". How unoriginal and arrogant of him.

    Also his "citizen of the world" message was a bit much. I'd like to see him proclaim that his allegiances are to the US; not to the world.

    But he is the Anointed Messiah - the political "redeemer" - the one who will change the world. Maybe he ought to run for president of the EU.

    What's he doing campaigning in Europe/Middle East anyway?

    By the way - all those big crowds - they are usually there to see and hear the big free concerts that come before Obama's speeches. It's not like they turn out to specifically see him.

    Ah - the manipulation of the people by the media (who adores and promotes Barack Hussein Obama)is just an interesting thing to watch. The staging of photo-ops is just magnificent in that campaign, andit is just what "the sheeple" devour.

    Didn't Hitler come to rise like that? He promised change too, didn't he?