Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rally For Teacher Friday In Santa Monica, CA

  • Save Karen Salazar

  • Background

    Critical thinking and culturally relevant education
    are not welcomed at Jordan High School

    Latina English Teacher is threatened with termination
    for being too "Afro-centric" in her teaching.

    As a second year teacher, Ms. Karen Salazar has had a dynamic impact on the Jordan High School campus by connecting readings to the real lives and struggles that students go through. Her English Class has become a favorite among students on campus, where they regularly read and analyze books and selected readings from people of color to whom the students can relate. Students, who typically skip some of their classes, show up religiously in Salazar's English Class.

    However, much of Salazar's success has also led to constant harassment by Jordan H.S. administration. Salazar has been visited and "observed" by the administration over 15 times in the past year. During one of the visits, an administrator criticized her for having students read The Autobiography of Malcom X, a LAUSD approved text. When she objected to this criticism, she was told that her teachings where too "Afro-centric." She was then told that the school would not renew her teaching contract for the upcoming school year.

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