Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Partial List Of Reporters Cops Yanked Off The Street In St. Paul

Minnesota Independent News

Cataloguing the RNC’s journalist-detainees

Of the 800-plus people who were arrested or detained in conjunction with RNC protests, a good chunk of them — 40, by our count — were members of the news media. Media representatives in town to cover the events, from both big and small presses, were slapped with citations and pending charges ranging in severity, including unlawful assembly, obstructing the legal process, misdemeanor interference with a peace officer and felony to riot plus other riot pretenses. (Notably Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman was jailed along with two of the show’s producers.) Many others who weren’t arrested or detained endured pepper-spray and other arms used for crowd-control.

MnIndy has compiled a list of journalists who were detained or arrested, including some preemptively, culled from news reports and sources, including the Ramsey County sheriff’s department’s booking roster. Let us know if anyone is unaccounted for and we’ll add them to the list.

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