Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Smolinski's Truck Searched -- Four Years Later


WATERBURY, Conn. -- Four years after a Waterbury man went missing, investigators have conducted a forensics analysis on the man’s truck.

Based on new developments, police said they have decided to look at the truck for possible clues, including DNA evidence, that could lead them to Billy Smolinksi.

Smolinski’s parents said they’ve kept the truck in storage because they believed it might hold some answers. His mother, Janice, said they "felt the truck may have been involved in the crime, but the police ignored our concerns at that time."

"It took four years to reach the point we are at right now, with constant work to keep Billy's name out of the cold case files," she said.

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    Unknown said...

    Difficult to imagine why it took 4 years, but hopeful that the Smolinski's might finally be closer towards hearing the answers they deserve...

    Thanks so much for drawing attention to this case, Andy.