Friday, October 03, 2008

Statistically Improbable Phrases [AKA PROPAGANDA] In The VP Debate

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Roadmap For Peace?

"building our embassy, also, in Jerusalem"

"That world view that says that America is a nation of exceptionalism. And we are to be that shining city on a hill, as President Reagan so beautifully said, that we are a beacon of hope and that we are unapologetic here."

"freedom is always just one generation away from extinction"

All of these seemed just slightly out of place, as though part of a subtext that could be woven -- artfully, but not quite seamlessly -- into the main text.

Personally, I don't care where the embassy is. But some people care a great deal. Those who do care will pick up on the comment. Others are likely to not even notice what she said.

The Roadmap for Peace, in 2002, called for a series of negotiations to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The status of Jerusalem was left, deliberately, as a "final status" issue, to be taken up in the third phase (at the end of the roadmap). This is an extraordinarily contentious issue. Palin signaled which side she is taking.

As for American exceptionalism, there is a long history to this ...

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