Sunday, October 26, 2008

Us And Them

The Book Of Desert Adventures

Mark Sundeen
ISBN-10: 0688174604
ISBN-13: 978-0688174606
Quill / Harper Collins

"It seemed to me that Us are the people who drive cars and talk on cell phones, look at the computer and wait for the pagers to beep. Us does the least amount of work for the most amount of money. This makes Us very important. I always wanted to be one of Us.

"Them are the people who ride the bus and do all the work. They nurse the babies, mow the grass, cook the meals and bus the tables. For this they are very lazy. Us has all the money and when Them tries to take it from Us, Us sends Them to jail."

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  • Warning:
    Mark Sundeen's collection of desert adventures is not a guidebook. In fact, you're better off not trying to follow his lead in rafting Colorado's Arkansas River, camping in Rio Grande Gorge's no-camping area, or defecating over the rim of the Grand Canyon. But those hankering to get a handle on the New West will be intrigued by these episodic tales that unfold like the varying yet connected pitches on a colorful redrock climb. The narrator is a young itinerant house painter trying to figure out what is--and what is not--important in the world ...

    -- Langdon Cook, Amazon non-fiction book editor.

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