Monday, November 10, 2008

Scarborough Shocker:

MSNBC to Launch ‘Fucking Joe’
Scarborough's Show in Porned-up Format


Just minutes after “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough dropped an F-bomb live on the air, MSNBC announced that it was re-launching the show to capitalize on its star’s salty vocabulary.

“Starting on Tuesday, MSNBC’s morning show will be known as ‘Fucking Joe,’” said MSNBC spokesperson Carol Foyler. “We want to send the message that if you tune in to this show, you’ll get a unique mix of breaking news and XXX-rated chat.”

MSNBC’s decision to reformat the show to accommodate Mr. Scarborough’s weakness for expletives surprised many in the cable industry, especially since the show owes its origins to the cancellation of shock-jock Don Imus’ ill-fated morning program.

But for Mr. Scarborough’s part, the move to “porn up” his morning show came as no surprise.

“This move is a fucking home run and anyone who doesn’t think so is a fucking cocksucker,” Mr. Scarborough said, adding, “Fuck.”

Around the cable industry, insiders expressed surprise that Mr. Scarborough had slipped into profanity while on the air.

“I never thought Joe Scarborough would be the first one to drop an F-bomb on that show,” one observer said. “I thought it would be Andrea Mitchell.”

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