Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scholarships For Undocumented Students

The Association of Raza Educators (ARE) is ramping up its national campaign with a protest November 20, 2008 outside Hispanic Scholarship Fund headquarters in San Francisco demanding HSF stop discrimination against undocumented students. Twenty CBOs are endorsing the effort.

HSF has given out almost $250 million in scholarships and as a private org is one of the few sources undocumented students can turn to since they do not qualify for state or federal aid.

ARE is asking HSF to take a leadership role in helping Latino students that most need it by no longer inquiring about the legal status of their applicants.

Videos produced by ARE calling on HSF board members Cheech Marin and Maria Elena Salinas (whose father was undocumented) to change the policy can be found at:

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    anitra said...

    This needs to happen SO many students think HSF has scholarships for them and then are let down!
    Raza Unida!