Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Avon Cops: We're Not Racists


It was political. It was not racial.”
-- Avon police chief

Avon Police Officers Scolded For Anti-Obama Email

  • Twisted Email Dissected

  • by Christine Stuart
    December 23, 2008

    Two Avon Police Lieutenants, two sergeants, one officer, and one dispatcher were issued written reprimands for their participation in forwarding an email that smeared president-elect Barack Obama during the recent campaign.

    The internal investigation into the use of the town’s email system for political purposes was prompted by a complaint from WTIC radio talk show host Colin McEnroe, who brought it to the town’s attention on Nov. 13.

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  • Details Of Racially Hostile Incidents At Avon PD

    a rose is a rose said...

    i worked in avon for a GREAT many years. no matter WHAT the police chief (and i don't know this chief, i knew the last one) denies, i personally know the truth

    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    The better part of 3 decades ago I worked for the largest American company headquartered south of the Mason-Dixon.

    It was then, the 23rd largest company on the entire planet.

    The highest ranking Black in that company became the Regional Manager to the northeast sector.

    He carried himself something like Colin Powell, except in all candor, our guy did it even better.

    He almost oozed class and enjoyed a God given natural sense of leadership.

    I would have followed the man to the gates of Hell itself with the assumption that Hell was in big trouble.

    He bought a home in Avon and in no time flat met every police officer in town as one by one they pulled him over for no other reason than DWB (Driving While Black).

    It was only a few years later, (around 1988) that I met Charlie, who was then the 12th highest worldwide salesman for Porsche.
    (His product knowledge was encyclopedic; actually a fascinating guy.)

    Car salesman still got new car demonstrators in those days.

    He too is a Black fellow.

    Charlie avoided Avon like the plague as you can imagine the drill he had to go through proving to a police officer that he had every business driving a car that cost about twice what the officer earned in a year.

    Neither man deserved the treatment they received in Avon.

    This Republican WASP is less than impressed with the record of the Avon Police Dept. as it regards race.

    I must say, I did enjoy watching my friend Cornell Lewis on the news regarding this latest incident.

    Anonymous said...

    Having worked with the Avon police dept side by side, they mostly are good people. But you have a core group who 1) Think they are above the law, 2) Will lie and falsify police reports in revenge tactics for imagined wrongdoings, 3) The command is corrupt and will do anything at all, even destroy people's lives without remorse to protect wrongdoing by their officers.

    They routinely racially profile, comments you hear make it obvious. More than one has admitted to an unofficial harassment policy of pulling over numerous persons due to the attitude of "We don't want people driving around town". I'm sorry, that's not illegal.

    In short, they couldn't handle the work or professionalism required of your average dept. They think they are aristocrats.