Thursday, January 29, 2009

CtNewsJunkie: Senator Gary LeBeau Files Landmark Free Speech Bill

“What They Did To That Young Girl Was Wrong”

Authentic Connecticut Republican,
In Comment At CtNewsJunkie,
Says: "Good bill."

The Internet Age, Free Speech, and Schools

by Christine Stuart
January 28, 2009 8:31 PM
Posted to Education | State Capitol

When he read the news accounts about what happened to a Burlington student who voiced her discontent with school administrators on her personal blog and was barred from serving as class secretary, Sen. Gary LeBeau, D-East Hartford, thought “what they did to that young girl was wrong.”

LeBeau, a retired public school teacher, said in a phone interview earlier this week that he has proposed a bill which he hopes will create a “bright line” when it comes to students’ free speech rights in the Internet age.

LeBeau’s bill prohibits school officials from “punishing students for the content of electronic correspondence transmitted outside of school facilities or with school equipment, provided such content is not a threat to students, personnel or the school.”

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  • 1 comment:

    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    This entire episode has been a travesty.

    Even those that don't agree that the young lady in question has been treated terribly would undoubtedly agree that an enormous amount of time and money has been spent over nothing.

    There is simply no up-side to the behavior of the school administration or the court.

    Lebeau's bill makes total sense.

    Considering the nonsense we normal see come out of our legislature; that alone is like a breath of fresh air.

    The man deserves a tip of the hat!