Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Government Wants Compliant Sheep -- Lewis Mills Grad

Hartford Courant comments

It could have been worse- when my class had a band event, the teachers inexplicably jumped on stage and started yanking cords to shut down the music. Because the kids didn't sit still in their seats the whole time.(Um yeah music has that affect on people) Nice that they had the right to potentially damage equipment the kids in the bands paid for.

And what she wrote is probably exactly what I said about the administration when I was a student there. It's a typically teenage reaction.

To bar her from a student post over her opinion seems very anti-American to me; but of course this is the school that locked it's flag pole and bathrooms when I was a student there- they probably time bath breaks now.

Shame on this judge for eroding the rights of the students- this just shows them they can NOT freely speak their minds despite the First Amendment because they are only children. What kind of adults will they be if they don't have free expression? Oh yeah the kind the government wants- compliant sheep...

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