Monday, January 19, 2009

Hope For The Nation With Obama & Hope For Free Speech In CT With Stand-Up Citizens

  • Stan & Rick's Great Inauguation Adventure

  • What They're Saying About Travesty Kravitz

  • The CuT: Doninger Gets The Shaft

  • Somervell County Salon: Totally Ridiculous

  • The Viking Pundit: Free Speech Under Attack
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    Anonymous said...

    We have a new President, but we could not long before have an Emperor of the United States for life. I welcome Mr Obama to be crowned Emperor for life and get rid of the Senate and House or Representatives who did little to do anything about the economics scandals that we have experienced.
    This is a way to save money to make the economy grow and keep money out of these thieves who line their pockets and friends of taxpayer money.