Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stan The Man Simpson: The Real Story Behind The Purging At WTIC AM Radio

Just getting back from a Disney vacation, but even in Orlando, Fla. I heard the news about the latest purging at WTIC NewsTalk 1080, my former employer.

This is the deal at the CBS-owned station -- and really the only thing to keep in mind: WTIC is hemorrhaging money and it's up for sale.

So, management is liquidating its assets -- in this case some of its on-air talent - in order to lighten the financial load for a prospective buyer. The brass there should be upfront with its loyal and intelligent listeners about this.

The ousting of Colin McEnroe and Diane Smith was NOT about improving programming. It was about dumping salaries.

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    a rose is a rose said...

    of course it all makes sense now. of course diane and colin are most likely earning more than buddy. so who to fire? not the one that NEEDS to go, but the two (and three counting stan) who bring in the most listeners

    you get what you pay for!