Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Video, Back, By Popular Demand: IMAGINATION

Musical Finale, 11th Annual Dinner,
Young Writers Competition, June 2008

Feb. 2 postmark,
for 2009 competition

  • Governor Rell Reminds Young Writers To Enter Rewarding Statewide Competition

  • Young Writers Site

  • Jen Allen Big Band & Positive Downside

  • Positive Downside Site

  • Per Petterson Interview

  • "We live in an era in which there are many attempts to silence the expression of free speech and literature. This year's young writer's program, and the distinguished list of young writers and titles, are testimonies to the failure of these attempts, barbaric or otherwise."

    -- IMPAC Chairman James B. Irwin, 2008

    Gladys Knight Weighs In On IMAGINATION ...

  • Version One

  • Version Two ...
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