Saturday, February 21, 2009

Krayeske & Calhoun Economic Summit

Ken Krayeske's 40-Year Plan

Coach Calhoun Yells,
Refuses to Discuss Comcast Contract

Editor's Note:

Whoever wrote the headline,
Jim Calhoun Owns Reporter (Ken Krayeske),
needs a case of chapstick. He can share it
with the so-called beat reporters.


The venom with which supposed journalists have responded shows there are many, many uncovered stories to be had. Why would so-called reporters help suppress questions?

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    Despite a multi-billion dollar budget deficit facing the state of Connecticut, UConn men's hoops coach Jim Calhoun, the highest paid state employee with an annual salary of $1.6 million, will not take a pay cut to help the state close its budget gap.

    "Not a dime," Calhoun said during a post-game press conference Saturday, February 21, 2009 in Hartford, after the top-ranked Huskies ran over the University of South Florida Bulls.

    "I have to retire," Calhoun said. He also mentioned that he makes more than $1.6 million with the side deals. But his value to the university is worth much more, he argued.

    "We bring in $12 million to the university every year," Calhoun said. "Get some facts and come back and see me then."

    Calhoun asked what the gate take was for the day, and I responded that I didn't know. He reiterated that the men's basketball program turns over $12 million a year to the university, and that benefits other players.

    He said that I should talk to him after the press conference, but I was fine discussing it there. This isn't the place, he said. I suggested it was. He raised his voice, yelling like I was one of his college basketball player to who failed to get back on defense.
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  • [Calhoun] did not reflect a level of professionalism relative to his compensation

  • Colin's Kind Counsel For Calhoun, Krayeske, Alleged Press Corps, aka Mt. Calhoun Erupts

    headline should be "Calhoun the Sociopath Throws Another Sandbox Tantrum"

    Comment @ MyLeftNutmeg
    I don't always agree with Ken
    But after reading everything the Hartford Courant had to say about this story in their print and web versions I more fully understand why they are a bankrupt and a failed organization.

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    g said...

    Ken: Why don't you direct you poor mans Michael Moore act at people who really deserve it? Calhoun has earned his money and was in no way deserving of your shameful publicity stunt.

    Instead, why don't you ask Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain why he paid himself and his executives 3.6 billion in bonuses even though his company lost a record 15 billion in the 4th quarter?

    Or ask Goldman Sachs who the recipient of AIG's CDSs'?

    Please direct your insulting "journalism" to the proper targets.

    Anonymous said...

    Ken, you are beautiful man, simply beautiful.

    We all need to ask ourselves how can we together close the multi-billion dollar budget gap. Certainly the worst answers are layoffs into this troubled job market.

    I'm guessing you caught Coach Calhoun off-guard, and that tomorrow he'll have a more considered answer. Certainly Calhoun has the ability to chip-in five or ten percent, during these troubled times.

    Anyway, hats off to your moxie. Why is it up to bloggers to ask the tough questions?


    Anonymous said...

    Ken, when you get a job and stop living off taxpayers money (student financial aid), you can complain about how the government wastes money. Until then, shut up, go to class, and stop harassing the people who help pay for you "activist" lifestyle.

    Anonymous said...

    This is what masks as journalism, some clown engineering a publicity stunt?

    The television revenues gained from men's basketball fund many other sports programs as well as academic programs. So have a team that brings in such revenues, you need a top coach. Calhoun makes what top coaches make.

    No matter how you slice it, the university turns a profit on men's basketball.

    Your misguided stunt exposed only yourself as a fool.

    Anonymous said...

    Jim Calhoun proves that in his case, there is no "I" in team.

    Ed James said...

    Considering that Calhoun's salaray is NOT paid for by's paid for by revenues brought in by the athletic department (ticket sales, sponorships, clothing deals, etc.)'s not a fair question at all.'s called facts. All you had to do was ask UConn to provide you with their budget, as they are legally obligated to do, and you would have known this.

    For everyone who agress with're also mindless idiots who either don't care or don't want to know the truth.

    The state is in economic trouble because of the state government in Hartford. Not because of UConn's very successful basketball teams.

    Oh, and the fake reporter Mr. Krayeske did indeed get owned.

    Anonymous said...

    Makes for a great story, Calhoun is a big boy I'm sure he will get over it. He's a fighter like his team. With 1.6 million a year, I'm sure he will be able to retire, as long as he does not have to pay for health insurance, LOL. A great story is one that gets a lot of attention, this one did just that.To both, Krayeske and Calhoun, keep up the good work.

    SkippyFlipjack said...

    Just for the record, President Obama hasn't "suggested that salaries for bank executives should be capped at $500,000." He's suggested that executives at failed banks that require the intervention of the federal government to stay afloat should have their salaries capped. I don't that in itself signals much of a societal rethinking of compensation plans.

    Anonymous said...

    Pathetic. The only thing even moreso are the sheep here that agree with this "reporter." Calhoun runs an extremely profitable program that generates millions for UConn; he's earned every penny.