Thursday, February 05, 2009

MediaPost Publications: "LeBeau's bill is a step in the right direction"

Conn. Bill Would Protect Students' Free Speech Online
By Wendy Davis, Feb 05, 2009 05:15 PM

A Connecticut lawmaker intends to introduce a bill to protect students' right to free speech online, Fox News reports.

A preliminary version of the bill would prohibit school officials from"punishing students for the content of electronic correspondence transmittedoutside of school facilities... provided such content is not a threat tostudents, personnel or the school."

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    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    >>bill to protect students' right to free speech online

    Why would anyone oppose this?

    I'm embarrassed by the fact that such a bill wasn't introduced earlier by a Republican.

    I can fully understand why some would be reluctant to waive the famous 7-words as some sort of right granted by the 1st; and have mixed feelings over that - but that's not what the bill protects anyway.

    Seems to me, the student's speech was in a fashion at any rate; political.

    To constrain student remarks regarding the administration of a school that he or she attends, seems too much like a gag order to me.

    Having watched the school administration here in Southington for decades, I've been appalled more than once.

    IE: tossing a kid (not mine) out of the prom for "creating a problem" even after the owner of the Aqua Turf and two leading citizens (literal "pillars of the community" too) come to his aid.

    Banning the possession of an asthma inhaler by a student. (???) (I know of one parent that sent his kid in with a letter from an atty promising criminal charges for anyone taking it away, and he never heard another word about it.)

    Since when did we need to hire lawyers for students?

    It seems that it's not the students creating a problem, it's the most over-paid over-educated bozos in our respective towns.
    They need to learn some common sense to go along with their multitude of degrees I guess; some manners wouldn't hurt either; I've never met so many arrogant jerks.