Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Semi-Fresh Fresh Comments On Travesty Kravitz

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-- Kravitz will get spanked, hard, on appeal. “Off-campus speech can become on-campus speech with the click of a mouse” – what a joke.

-- So, telling everybody from school that the principal’s a d*****bag won’t get you in trouble as long as it is not on the Internet and it occurs off campus? Is truth a defense?

-- I think speech on the internet is still just speech. Granted it’s more powerful, maybe more effective and persuasive, but why punish the people for having a more powerful form of speech? I think it should have the same protection as the spoken word. The kid who said her principal was a d-bag, whether on the corner of her own street, screaming it aloud to her friend, or screaming it over the internet, she should have the same protection.

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