Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Q Poll Results On Not-A-Dime Jim

Shelly Sindland's Blog

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  • A Slight Majority Approves
    Of The Way He Answers Questions

    Shelly's Take:
    "51% percent of those polled said that they approved of the way Calhoun answered the question , while 43 percent disapproved. That to me, is mind boggling! I don’t understand how it is ever okay to say those things to another human being!"

    Ken Krayeske To Hartford Courant Columnist Rick Green:
    "I find it astonishing. There was no dignity in that exchange. Is this what we need to do in order to feel good about ourselves?"

  • Here Are The Poll Results, Via CtNewsJunkie

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  • Calhoun In His Better Moments, Or, Human Resources / Communications Training Video For Depth And Responsiveness

  • "Bobby Knight's" Tenure As CT Judge Could Inspire Not-A-Dime Jim

  • Dennie Williams To Calhoun, Auriemma: Stop Hiding The Numbers
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    Anonymous said...

    I think most people simply realize that Calhoun's salary has little to do with the state's budget problems. A lot of people enjoy college basketball and appreciate the job Calhoun has done turning UConn into a national powerhouse.