Thursday, March 12, 2009

Threats Against CT Legislators Lawlor, McDonald

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    Authentic Connecticut Republican has left a new comment on your post "Distinctive Crackers Target Latinos In East Haven,...":

    Authentic Connecticut Republican said... GOOD POST!

    Now then, since this occured, just where has been their state rep???

    Oh, that's right, he was off declaring war on the Catholic Church.

    8:04 PM andy thibault said... If in fact Lawlor and McDonald were declaring war against the rapists and thieves in the Catholic Church, they deserve a medal. I take them at their word that they were responding to constituents who believe the church is more than the irresponsible bishops, cardinals and popes who protect the aforementioned criminals at the expense of parishioners and other victims of their heinous deeds.

    2:23 AM


    “It is clear to me that my attempt to create a forum for a group of concerned Catholic constituents to discuss their legislative proposals regarding parish corporate finances has offended a group of similarly devout Catholic parishioners,” McDonald said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

    “It was never my intent to offend anyone of faith, nor to cast negative attention on the many trustworthy and responsible parish corporations,” he said. “My only goal was to try my best to represent the concerns of my constituents, some of whom were the victims of fraud.”

    “I regret that in my pursuit of their interests, I failed to appreciate and invite into the discussion early on the views of other, equally concerned Catholics.”

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