Friday, April 03, 2009

Keep Following The Money

News items:

* The state has racked up more than $70,000 in legal fees in the past two months to a Kansas law firm helping the University of Connecticut investigate possible recruiting violations in the men's basketball program ... Enright said the school has a long association with the Kansas firm dating to the 1990s. State records show that in 2003-2004 the state paid the law firm $91,312. Officials were unable to say what the law firm did for that money.
-- Hartford Courant

Cool Justice Editor's Note:
Unable to say what the law firm did for that money? All they have to do is read the billing records, which are the property of taxpayers and public documents ...

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  • * We sit here in the media room bracing for Yahoo ! Sports' rumored latest bombshell against the UConn program. It's a helpless feeling, knowing Yahoo ! obviously has information it accrued over a six-month investigation that would be impossible for us to get in this short a period of time through the Freedom of Information Act, etc. What makes it even worse is the feeling that the stories we're writing for tomorrow's paper (including one by yours truly on A.J. Price and his father, Tony) could be virtually ignored if Yahoo's latest information is that significant.

    We've heard the latest has to do with the recruitment of Ater Majok (who did seem to be in the United States for an awful long time over the winter, before he was ruled eligible by the NCAA). We've also heard Leo Papile's name mentioned, not sure of the context. Hey, maybe it's all just rumors.
    -- Dave Borges Blog, New Haven Register

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