Monday, April 06, 2009

UConn gets a pass from CBS broadcasters

San Jose Mercury News

Nantz, after excusing Calhoun's continued refusal to say anything in even mild defense of himself, lauded the coach's "pretty clean dossier." Because government records were an actual part of the original article, we can only assume Nantz chose not to read it. Same with Kellogg, who added, "The review continues from the NCAA, and after it runs its course, he feels as though they'll be clean as they've always been."

Most people would say that would be a negative indicator of how clean UConn has always been. But in the fantasia world of the NCAA tournament, it's all pure.

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    On Saturday's telecast, CBS' Jim Nantz and Kellogg chided the media for being critical of Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun's silence on possible recruiting violations saying the NCAA had put a gag order on the coach. But NCAA spokesman Bob Williams e-mailed USA TODAY's Steve Wieberg that no "gag order" was issued. "It never happened."
    -- USA Today

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