Thursday, August 20, 2009

Newsroom 'Credibility' SMOKING GUN ...

Content Man To Hartford Courant Editors:

From: Levine, Jeffrey S
Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 12:58 PM
To: Delucia, Lynne
Cc: Hazell, Naedine
Subject: Re: I found this..after I spoke to George:

... Did he give us a heads up before writing about a major client? ...

Questions From Cool Justice:
How does this square with Tribune official statement,

'Our advertisers have no influence on what we report ... '

Under these conditions,
can anyone in this newsroom
'We are reporting without fear or favor?'


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    S said...

    The Courant is run by a television news editor. It has lost all credibility. The few portions that kept people reading, like George's column, are being chucked. And for what?

    I was sad when the Hartford Times went out decades ago (full disclosure, I was a paper boy for them at the time). I always believed that the area lacked the necessary competition to get the best from journalists. Now with this garbage, we have NOTHING.

    Congratulations to all you corrupt, sleazy, or evil folks out there. Go and do your deeds with impunity! No one will report it in Corrupticut!

    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    First the Courant gave up anything resembling journalistic integrity by allowing bias into news stories with growing frequency to the point the once proud paper became a rag.

    Then they treated their advertisers (I once was one) like crap.

    Soon their readership slipped, then as many previously heavy advertisers such as used car dealers discovered various, often free websites gave them the same or a superior result as the Courant without having to deal with an ever-rude (and arrogant) classified advertising dept. - the paper's been toast ever since.

    Now this stunt?

    All anyone has to do is google "sleepy's" and some of their competitors to realize that Sleepy's is NOT the place to go mattress shopping; yet when their own reporter points out what many already knew they can him?

    The entire mindset behind such behavior sounds like the old "protection" racket.
    ("That's a very nice storefront window you have there, it would be a shame if something were to happen to it....")

    While it will be a shame to not have a hometown newspaper in the capital city; I doubt too many will miss it.

    Maybe the CT Post (not a bad paper actually) will begin circulating in a wider area.