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Colin At Mark Twain House,
May 09
-- Photo By Chion Wolf

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    Monday, Aug. 31, 2009



    Ever gone cold-turkey on a habit to which you were absolutely addicted?

    Radio listeners throughout the northeast did that eight months ago when WTIC-AM canned McEnroe without warning. The move left listeners cut off from a voice who’d become a dependable, friendly afternoon companion. OK, an opinionated companion, but a companion to many nonetheless.

    In his absence, many listeners expressed outrage by boycotting the station’s advertisers and starting a Facebook group titled “Bring Back Colin McEnroe.” The group drew more than 667 members and fostered an online discussion about whether McEnroe’s show would work on public radio.

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  • NYT Columnist Gail Collins,
    Slated For First Show

    WNPR Announcement

    Colin McEnroe has earned a high-profile reputation in Connecticut and beyond as a talented humorist, author, newspaper columnist, off-beat radio host, and an urbane host of the popular Connecticut Forum series.

    Now, McEnroe is returning to the Connecticut airwaves as host of The Colin McEnroe Show – WNPR’s new hour-long exploration of news, arts, culture, and life that draws on national and local voices in daily conversation. This new 13-week pilot series will air weekdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on WNPR and online at, beginning Monday, August 31, 2009.

    Loyal Sidekick
    Chion Wolf

    When McEnroe’s 16-year stint at WTIC-AM ended in December 2008, thousands of fans howled in protest, demanding to know where his funny and insightful style would surface next. Now his fans can experience McEnroe’s special brand of humor, cultural coverage, ruminations on life, and restless intellectual inquiry blended together in a potent brew on The Colin McEnroe Show.

    Producer Patrick Skahill

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  • George Gombossy Talks
    To Andrew Kreig,
    Author Of Spiked

  • Via Courant Refugees


  • Those Ludicrous
    Douche Bag School Bosses
    Are Still On The Hook

    Cool Justice Editor's Note: This op-ed first appeared in the Litchfield County Times and also ran in papers including the Torrington Register Citizen, Bristol Press, New Britain Herald and Danbury News Times.

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