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Cooljustice@Twitter coverage / Bob Thiesfield Photos FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS MOHEGAN SUN 1-29-10


-- Addy Wallops Rachel Clark during their 6-round welterweight bout 1-29-10 @ Mohegan Sun; ref Joe Cusano monitors the action

Big Wins
For Matt Remillard, Chip Perez;

One Punch The Difference
In Addy Irizarry's
Close Bout
With Rachel Clark

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The Cool Justice Report

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  • Editor's Note: Judges' scoring noted with Twitter coverage of each round. 10-point must system. Knockdown in round gives puncher 10-8 score or better. One punch was the difference in Addy Irizarry / Rachel Clark bout.

    1st post, fight night 1-29-10

    Addy Irizzary on much taller opponent, Rachel Clark: She should be playing basketball.
    Fri., 1-29-10, 6:16pm via Twitter

    -- Addy With Trainer Alex Feliciano Before The Fight

    Will Addy get inside? She's 5-6, 66 inch reach; Rachel, 5-10 1/2, 73 inch reach...
    6:19pm via Twitter

    -- Addy Dishes To Andy As Alex Looks On

    With ace fotog Bob Thiesfield, legendary sportswriter George Kimball @ Mohegan Sun TKO Boxing Friday night fights.
    6:22pm via Twitter

    -- Iceman John Scully Leads Chip Perez Into Battle

    Chip Perez enters ring to rousing [applause]
    7:49pm via Twitter

    Chip the aggressor [Round 1] both guys score Chip finishes strong
    7:54pm via Twitter

    Round goes to Chip on all judges' cards, 10-9.

    -- Chip Is Faster Than The Speed Of Light As Luis Quezeda Has Nowhere To Go

    Rd 2 - Chip counters strong as both guys connect
    7:58pm via Twitter

    Quezeda takes round 10-9 on two of three judges' cards

    -- Chip The Aggressor Throughout Most Of The Fight

    3rd another fierce round Chip takes a few on the ropes [from] Luis Quezada
    8:02pm via Twitter

    Quezeda Takes Round 10-9

    Rd 4 Chip pounds chases pounds Luis his best round so far
    8:03pm via Twitter

    More Rd 4- all Chip all the time waiting 4 dec.
    8:05pm via Twitter

    -- Quezada Ducks After Onslaught

    Decision 2 Chip
    8:08pm via Twitter

    Chip Takes Round 10-9

    He wins 39-37 on two cards; third judge calls it a draw

    Chip Perez record now 3-0
    8:09pm via Twitter

    … Chip To Fans & Colleagues: I wanna say thanks to everyone for your support, and especially to my trainer John "iceman" Scully. Congrats to Matt "sharp shooter" Remillard for a big win last night and advancing to 21-0. Great job last night Addy. You fought really hard. Great fight.

    Addy Time
    8:15pm via Twitter

    Rachel enters 1st Screams erupt 4 Addy roars throughout arena
    8:19pm via Twitter

    -- Paul Cichon Whips Up The Crowd For Addy

    Addy chants begin she wears the red trunks
    8:20pm via Twitter

    -- Close Combat Virtually The Entire Fight

    Addy Takes Round One On Two Cards, 10-9

    Round 2 - [Rachel] lands effective combos Addy stalks Joan many fierce exchanges Addy strong@ bell
    8:27pm via Twitter

    Addy Takes Round Two On Two Cards, 10-9

    Addy's eyes red they r clubbing each other Addy scores combos finishes strong @ 3
    8:30pm via Twitter

    Addy Takes Round 10-9

    -- No Rest For The Warriors

    -- Except In Between Rounds, Courtesy Of The Gold Club

    R4 of 6 Rachel connects knocks down Addy gets back up trades punches crowd momentarily subdued
    8:33pm via Twitter

    Rachel Clark Takes Round 4, 10-8

    R5- Addy stunned keeps on punching toe.2 toe
    8:36pm via Twitter

    Addy Takes Round 5 On Two Cards, 10-9

    Rachel Finishes Strong, Takes Round 6, 10-9


    57-56, 58-55

    Addy Led On One Card, 57-56

    Addy waves 2 fans
    8:43pm via Twitter

    Addys record now 6-4 w. Ko's
    8:54pm via Twitter

    Addy To Fans:
    I just want to thank everyone so much for being at the fight ... thanks for the support! love yall! muah!

    -- Matt Stretches Moments Before The Opening Bell

    R1- fighters measure each other
    9:11pm via Twitter

    Not much action in Round 1 but judges give it to Rafael Lora, 10-9

    R2- Lora lands a few Matt counters well chases [Lora] Matt stuns Lora who wobbles
    9:14pm via Twitter

    Matt's Round, 10-9

    -- Matt Staggers Lora

    -- Matt Lands Left To Lora's Face

    -- Can't Touch This

    -- Lora Covers Up

    R3- Matt scores 2 forehead chin body they mix it up lora stunned he retreats takes left 2 jaw- M dominates
    9:18pm via Twitter

    Matt's Round, 10-9

    Icepack on Lora's ribs
    9:20pm via Twitter

    Hartford Courant's Shawn Courchesne reports Lora suffered two broken ribs. He cannot get up for fourth round.

    TKO 4 Matt, now 21-0. & still champ
    9:21pm via Twitter

    Hungry/ fired-up Matt post fight: I have 2 b tested @ 12 rounds w the big guys
    10:13pm via Twitter

    Matt: I feel I can match up w any of the top contenders - I need that chance
    10:17pm via Twitter

    -- Matt Gets Congrats ...

    -- Matt, Iceman Relax After The Fight

    Matt To Fans:
    Thank you to everyone who came out to the fight and all the support that was shown.

    -- View From Above, Manfredo V. Vanda

    Uncasville, Conn.
    January 29, 2010

    MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Peter Manfredo Jr., 159 3/4, Providence, R.I. dec. Matt Vanda, 159 3/4, St. Paul, Minn. (10) (Wins vacant NABF title)

    FEATHERWEIGHTS: Matt Remillard, 124 3/4, Manchester, Conn. DKO'd Rafael Lora, 125 3/4, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic (3) (Retains NABF title)

    SUPER MIDDLES: J'Leon Love, 165 1/3, Detroit, Mich. KO's Vince Burkhalter, 163 1/4, New Orleans (1)

    WELTERWEIGHTS: Rachel Clark, 137 344, Fayetteville, N.C. dec. Adelita Irizarry, 143 1/2, Hartford, Conn.(6)
    Joseph Elegele, 144, Melbourne, Fla. KO'd Chris Russel, 142, Shadduck, Okla. (1)

    LIGHTWEIGHTS: Arash Usmanee, 130 1/4, Red Deer, Alberta TD over Jorge Ruiz, 136, Santa Clara, Cuba (5)
    Chip Perez, 132, Hartford, Conn. dec. Luis Quezada, 131 1/4, Caguas, Puerto Rico (4)


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