Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sammy Vega's Triple KO Photos -- Part 2 Of A Series

Cool Justice Editor's Note: Sammy Vega, the seven-time national amateur boxing champion from Hartford, played a crucial role in the organization and staging of the CT Young Writers Triple Knockout Event Jan. 15 @ the Hartford Club. In other words, it would not have happened without him. During the event, he served as timekeeper for the sparring exhibition and still managed to take all these photos, plus a video of Iceman John Scully reading from The Iceman Diaries.* [We hope to post that item soon.]Thank you, Sammy!

  • wtic 1080 Podcast - Sammy Vega, Bob Leuci Preview Triple KO Event

  • Rich "Six Heads" Esposito, Chandra "Bonecrusher" Prasad, Gaby "She Be Stinging" Calvocoressi, "Merciless" Amy Ma, Andy "Lights Out" Thibault, Binnie "The Demon Barber" Klein, Iceman John Scully, Kate "La Terrible" Rushin, "Irish" Ravi Shankar and Jeffrey "No Dice" Dressler in the ring @ the Hartford Club.

    Bob "The Breeze" Leuci

    Bonecrusher Takes A Breather Between Rounds

    La Terrible Does The Ali Shuffle

    Shouhua "Hard Rock" Qi Bangs Out A Short Story

    The Merciless One Delivers A Poem And A Story

    No Dice And The Irishman Compare Notes

    Rand "Blood" Cooper Breathes A Cookie To Death

    The Demon Barber Eyes Her Next Victim, Coach John Spehar Of Fighting Fitness Performance Center In Orange

    She Be Stinging Puts The Arm On Jan Owens Of Millrace Books In Farmington As Cindy Cormier Of The Sunken Garden Poetry Festival Recovers From A Kidney Punch

    The Stinging One Shares An Apocalyptic Vision

    Jumoke Academy Students Gather Round The Ring

    Angie & Sean Malone Savor A Moment After Building
    The Ring Thursday Night

    Angie & Sean Had Some Help

    She Be Stinging, Lights Out & Ice Pause To Refresh

    Gabrielle "She Be Stinging" Calvocoressi,
    Contemplates Her Next Rumble

    UP NEXT:
    Photos By The Hartford Club's Bob Thiesfield

  • Photos, Videos, Part One, From Young Writers Triple KO Event Friday @ The Hartford Club

  • Young Writers Competition Entry Deadline Feb. 1, 2010


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