Monday, February 08, 2010

Free Speech, Good Conduct, the School to Prison Pipeline and the Educational Imperative

Orient Lodge

Submitted by Aldon Hynes on Mon, 02/08/2010 - 11:25

Recently, there has been a fascinating discussion concerning free speech and learning going on online that I wanted to explore and comment on. Last week, David Drury wrote an article in the Hartford Courant about teens facing fines for swearing at Windsor High School.

Andy Thibault posted a letter from Jon Schoenhorn to the Hartford Courant entitled Swearing In School Is Not A Crime.

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  • Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline

  • What Would Lenny Say 2 Dip-Shit CT School Boss Russell Sills?

  • Dip-Shit Principal Russell Sills In Mission Ridiculous / Costly [4 taxpayers] Crusade
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