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Ron Winter, Author Of New Book On Elder Abuse, To Speak @ Litchfield-Morris Rotary May 20, 2010

The Litchfield-Morris Rotary meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month, usually @ Forman School. Watch for updates ...

For more information, contact:
Rotary Club speaker committee member Andy Thibault
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  • About Ronald Winter

    Ronald Winter is an author, public relations executive, college professor and award winning journalist. He regularly writes and speaks on the military and politics.

    Ron is author of the book Masters of the Art, A Fighting Marine's Memoir of Vietnam published by Random House, and writes Winter's Soldier Story, his website blog column.

    His newest work of non-fiction is Granny Snatching, How a 92-Year-Old Widow Fought the Courts and Her Family to Win Her Freedom.

  • Granny Snatching

  • Ron gave up an academic scholarship at the State University of New York at Albany in 1966 to join the Marines and fight in Vietnam as a helicopter crewman and machine gunner. He flew 300 combat missions and was awarded 15 Air Medals, Combat Aircrew Wings, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

    After Vietnam he earned undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and English Literature. In a two-decade journalism career Ron was the recipient of several prestigious awards and a Pulitzer nomination.

    He was featured in 2004 in the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project; is an adjunct professor of communication at the University of Hartford; is a judge for the annual Connecticut Young Writers competition; and is a director for Michael J. London & Associates Public Relations firm in Trumbull, CT. Winter also was a team member of Poets & Writers For Avery, supporting free speech rights in the landmark case [aka The Famous Douche Bag Case] now before the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals.


    Elder care is a serious issue as the American family faces the sometimes overwhelming strain that caring for aging parents creates. In generations before, the elderly were part of the family till the end. Today, they are often closed away behind institutional doors as their children participate in a growing trend called Granny Snatching.

    We anticipate a safe and secure retirement where we hold hands with our life's partner during leisurely strolls on golden sands...and suddenly, darkness falls upon us and our world is turned upside down as family members appear from nowhere, seizing us, dragging us toward an unanticipated and unwanted future, penniless, powerless, confined in the clutches of "elder care."

    Unlikely? Think again. It happens every day all over America and it can happen to you. Is your future reasonably well planned out; ensuring that when you reach retirement age you will live the independent life you envisioned? Do you have a good lawyer who will help you navigate the uncharted waters of life for America's elderly - including proper care in case of illness or injury? Will your financial plans remain intact? Will you live as you hoped and planned for all those years with your family lovingly by your side?

    Granny Snatching is an insidious creeping menace from which no one is safe. What nearly happened to Ella Winter can happen to you. Your life, like hers, can suddenly be thrown into chaos and disorder. Will you knuckle under or will you learn from her fight, and like Ella Winter stand tall and strong in the face of adversity.

    GRANNY SNATCHING provides thought-provoking information on the true symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, and how to respond if family members attempt to confiscate an elder person's assets.

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