Saturday, April 17, 2010

U.S. Senate Candidate Peter Schiff @ Litchfield Inn May 6

Next up at the Litchfield Inn: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Peter Schiff on May 6. Also, Democratic front-runner for U.S. Senate, state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, July 15.

Andrew Ross Sorkin's TOO BIG TO FAIL: The inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system -- and themselves.

Page 35

Outside Lehman, however, skeptics were already voicing their concerns.

"I still don't believe any of these numbers because I still don't think there is proper accounting for the liabilities they have on their books," Peter Schiff, president and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, told the Washington Post. " People are going to find out that all these profits they made were phony."

  • Bob Thiesfield Rotary U.S. Senate Candidate Photo Collection, Litchfield Inn, 4-15-10

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