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updated, with new bios 10-23&24-10: * Jumoke Academy Congressional Debate Format & Student Leaders

Monday, 10-25-10, 1-2:30 p.m.
339 Blue Hills Ave.
Hartford, CT 06112

  • CT-N, The Connecticut Network, To Cover This Debate

  • Editor's Note: All 4 candidates are participating, but space will limit attendance. The debate -- from 1 - 2:30 p.m. -- will be run by students and moderated by FoxCT's Laurie Perez. Best to call ahead.

    1st U.S. Congressional District
    Student-Run Debate Format

    1. The chief moderator [FoxCT's Laurie Perez] will have two minutes to welcome the audience, introduce themselves, and set up the event.

    2. The student moderators will then introduce themselves.

    3. The chief moderator will go over the rules of the debate.

    4. The chief moderator will introduce the candidates.


    Questions will be read by the student moderators, and will be asked to ONE specific candidate. That candidate will have THREE minutes to respond. Any other candidate whose position differs greatly from the first candidate will be allowed a ONE minute response to state their differing viewpoint. All candidates will then have a chance to respond to each question. Questions will be written by the students of Jumoke Academy with the guidance of Mr. Jerry Burrus, Social Studies teacher and Student Moderator/Debate Advisor, and Dr. Michael Sharpe, CEO of Jumoke Academy Charter Schools. All candidates will be asked at least TWO questions directly, hopefully three. All questions will be appropriate and NO topic is off limits.

    Gabriel Buenrostro

    Hi, my name is Gabriel Buenrostro, and I live in East Hartford. I am a Seventh Grader at Jumoke Academy JAH SMaRT Middle School. I speak two languages fluently, English and Spanish. I have diverse interests, including politics. I like to participate in sports, like fencing, swimming, and baseball. I am currently applying for the "Tri-M" Music Honors Society within our school, because I sing in our choir and play in our school's orchestra. Last summer I received a full scholarship to Cheshire Academy's Cheshire Access summer program, because of my good grades and personal achievements.

    Although I am in Seventh Grade, I am already looking into private high schools like Cheshire Academy and Avon Old Farms. I plan on putting being a "student moderator at the 2010 1st US Congressional District student-run debate" as one of my accomplishments.

    Enyce Walker

    My Name is Enyce Walker. I was born in New Britain, CT on July 16, 1997. My parents' names are Priscilla Simon and Preston Walker. I spent the earlier part of my childhood in New Britain.

    I went to my first school, South Church Preschool, when I was five years old. I then went to Kindergarten through Fifth Grade at Jefferson Elementary School in New Britain. While I was there, I was always an "A" student, and even won an award for the Superintendent Honor Roll. During the summer of 2008, my mom and I moved to Hartford. Since we moved, I have attended Jumoke Academy JAH SMaRT Middle School. I have won many awards for my grades and scored high on my CMT's. I am looking forward to graduating from Jumoke with high honors.

    I enjoy playing football and basketball. I play on teams for the Hartford Boys and Girls Club, where I have helped my teams win Championships. My favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat, with Lebron James. I also love playing the Playstation 3.

    Diana Mignott

    Hi, my name is Diana Mignott and I am an eighth grader at Jumoke Academy JAH SMaRT Middle School. I have been a student at Jumoke Academy since 2008. Before I moved to the Hartford area, I lived in Jamaica and Old Lyme, CT.

    I am a very hard-working student and I enjoy helping others to exceed, too. I am easily motivated and always do my best at anything I set my mind to do. I have received many awards for my academics, my volunteering, and my citizenship. I enjoy volunteering and encouraging others. Overall, I am a student who enjoys living life to the fullest!

    Laurie Perez

    Emmy Award-winning reporter Laurie Perez joined the FOXCT News Team in 2000. A native of South Windsor, she's thrilled to be working in Connecticut covering stories that affect the communities and people she loves.

    Prior to Fox 61, Laurie worked as a reporter at WSPA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Greenville, South Carolina. While there, she covered the search for Olympic bombing suspect Eric Robert Rudolph, and reported for the CBS Network and CBS Evening News on the August '99 shooting spree in Atlanta's financial district, tornadoes in the South, and numerous other national stories. Her first job was reporting at the CBS affiliate KEPR-TV in Kennewick, Washington.

    Laurie has a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago. She earned her undergraduate degree at Tufts University and is a graduate of the Loomis Chaffee School.

    Laurie is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

    In Washington, South Carolina and here in Connecticut Laurie has been honored for her writing and interviewing. She has been nominated the past two years in a row for the Emmy for Best Overall Reporter in New England.

    Laurie is the host of Fox 61's weekly politics and current affairs show "The Real Story."

  • The Miracle Of Hartford, Ct's Jumoke Academy: Site For 1st District Congressional Debate Monday, 10-25-10

  • Doreen Crawford, Principal

    Doreen Crawford is the principal at Jumoke Academy Honors Middle School in Hartford. She was principal at Jumoke Academy Elementary School since October 2005 until July 2008. Jumoke Academy Schools are successful Charter Schools located in the Blue Hills neighborhood which was founded in 1997 by Thelma Dickerson. Ms. Crawford was first hired as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher at Jumoke Elementary School in 1997 when the school first opened. After training to become an administrator she took over as principal in 2005. Ms. Crawford is presently the only educator at Jumoke who has been there since its inception in 1997.

    Principal Crawford was honored with the inclusion of her bio and picture in the 9th Edition (2004-2005) of “ Who’ s Who Among American Teachers.” She was also presented a citation from the City of Hartford for higher education as a part of Mayor Perez's education initiative in 2005 and a certificate of appreciate at the 4th Annual Honoring Our Own for outstanding contribution made to the residents in the city of Hartford.

    Along with other administrators, she was awarded “ Most Awesome Principal Award” from the Greater Hartford Chapter of Christian Educators Association International.

    Doreen Crawford is presently pursuing doctoral studies in educational leadership at Central Connecticut State University where she graduated in 2005 with a Sixth Year Professional Diploma of Advanced Studies in Educational Leadership. In 2000 she earned a Masters of Science in Special Education and in 1994 a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, also at Central Connecticut State University.

    She also earned from the University of the West Indies in association with Moneague Teachers’ College in Jamaica a Diploma in Teaching in 1990 and a Trained Teacher Certification in Elementary Education in 1983.

    Ms. Crawford is a member of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Hartford. She is also a member and past secretary of Caribbean American Society of Hartford, past secretary of Blue Hills Civic Association and a board member of the West Indian Foundation. A resident of the City of Hartford, Doreen Crawford is committed to educating students to reach their highest academic potential.

    “Hard work, persistence, and dedication pay off. If you think about it, you can do it, just keep on trying.”

    Dr. Michael Sharpe,

    Michael M. Sharpe, a graduate of Columbia University, B.A., Norwich University and New York University, - currently is the Chief Executive Officer for Jumoke Academy Schools in Hartford, CT.

    Under Dr. Sharpe’s leadership, Jumoke Academy’s middle and elementary schools was cited -- 3 years consecutively -- in an independent study based on the Connecticut Mastery Scores as one of the top ten performing schools in the State of Connecticut. Dr. Sharpe began work at Jumoke Academy in 1998 and was appointed its CEO in 2003.

    During his tenure the school’s enrollment has grown from 150 to over 430 students including a staff of 75 employees. Its academic program now includes an outstanding Pre-K academy and two academic award winning schools: Jumoke Academy Charter School and Jumoke Academy Honor’s Middle School. In the academic subjects Jumoke Academy middle school has closed the achievement gap between students of color and non-white students. Last year Jumoke Academy students had equal to the highest writing and math scores of any school district in the State of Connecticut.

    Dr. Sharpe is president of the Connecticut Charter School Association; board member of the National Charter School Leadership Council, the Blue Hills Civic Association and a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Dr. Sharpe resides in Hartford with his daughter, Michele Sharpe.

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