Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tom Foley & War Profiteering ... CT Privatization Preview?

-- Tom Foley: ‘Western Contractors
Are Not Targets In Iraq’
His pitch as mercenary firms generated a sellers' market,
Washington Post 2-18-04

Laws drafted by Bush’s Iraq czar, Paul Bremer, and unveiled Sept. 21, allow foreign investors to own 100 percent of any Iraqi assets and to remit profits and royalties when they choose.

A key adviser to Bremer is Wall Street investor, Tom Foley, a generous Bush contributor. He cooked up a scheme to invite 14 Eastern European finance officials to Baghdad to give advice about privatization. They included the notorious Yegor Gaidor, who presided over the Russian mass privatizations of the early 1990s, Moscow News reports.

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  • The Greenwich businessman added that his transition team announcement was not a political maneuver to match Malloy's, but rather a matter of sound preparation.
    -- Ct Mirror

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