Saturday, February 19, 2011

The True Drama In The 2nd Cheshire Murder Trial

Place Your Bets
On How Often
Judge Blue
Will Freak Out

Norm Pattis Blog

... The only real question is how long it will be before Judge Blue holds Donovan in contempt, and how often he does so ...

... By the time the Komisarjevsky trial is over, Judge Blue will have nightmares about Donovan, dark landscapes of dancing gavels, and the silhouettes of crosses on dark hills ...

... Judge Blue will be sorry he volunteered for this spot beneath the unforgiving Sun ...

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    Anonymous said...

    I just want to know which reporters accepted cookies from this guy? What were THEY thinking? I mean really, if a guy like that came up to you in the street and offered you a cookie, wouldn't most people say "no thanks"? And if a judge did it anywhere else, like say NYC, they would have his head examined! But alas, this is Connecticut, the land were "strangers are stranger" and shit like this seems to be ok. Donovan will drive the honorable judge Blue crazy; and I just hope some folks bring Donovan a nice "cake" while he is in the lockup!