Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Crime Wire Show Probes Caporino Case Cover-Up In New Orleans, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011, 9 p.m.

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  • Network Producer Quoted:
    ‘There’s A Cover-Up Down Here. General Foods Is Holding Hands With The New Orleans Police.’

    Widow Recounts Bizarre Call
    From Corporate Security Chief
    On Her Husband’s Birthday ...

    'Well Surely If Gabe Has Any Heart,
    He Will Call You On His Birthday'

    Crime Wire Guests:
    Andy Thibault
    Grace Caporino

    Joining the show is Andy Thibault, The Cool Justice Report, and Author, Law And Justice In Everyday Life, to discuss his fascinating work and lawsuit filed against the city of New Orleans Police Department surrounding the case of Gabe Caporino ...

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  • Freedom of Information in a criminal investigation [cites CBS Eye On New York documentary]

  • Diary Of A Big Easy Public Records Request, Entry 1

  • Lawsuit Filed In NO For Violations Of Louisiana Public Records Law

  • Diary of a Big [Un]Easy public records request, Part 2

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