Monday, February 13, 2012

eTips & Traps: Big Bro PreCrime: The empire strikes back

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  • With Andy Thibault

    “With the aid of your precog mutants, you’ve boldly and successfully abolished the post-crime system of jails and fines.”

    — Ed Whitwer, incoming Precrime Commissioner, Federated Westbloc Alliance, in Philip K. Dick’s short story, Minority Report

    “You’ve probably grasped the basic legalistic drawback to PreCrime methodology. We’re taking in individuals who have broken no law.”

    — John Anderton, outgoing Precrime Commissioner


    FBI Seeks Data Mining App
    For Social Media

    Censoring Of Tweets
    Sets Off #Outrage

    Maybe Philip K. Dick wasn’t imagining a high-tech, invasive government after all. Maybe he was just a better observer than most.

    Dick’s world of PreCrime surveillance and detention has been with us – in reality – for quite some time. The only question is, how long a time?

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