Thursday, May 17, 2012

‘Twin Peaks, CT’ aka Salisbury: Search For A Missing Fashion Designer

State Police theories about the Tom Drew case include a scenario that does not conform to the timeframe provided by caretakers of the retired fashion designer who disappeared from his 13.5-acre estate nearly five years ago, feeble, unaware and 91 years old ...

... Could Mr. Drew have disappeared from the heavily wooded area much earlier? Was he taken away? Abducted? Hidden? Or lost forever in the dense woodlands that surround his estate, probably devoured by predatory animals before crumbling away into nothingness?

The saga of Tom Drew’s disappearance is part horror movie and part soap opera—with no clear ending. Instead, the possibilities present themselves in what seems to be an irrational manner; only the unbelievable or the fantastic appear to make sense, if only fleetingly or up to a point ...

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