Monday, October 08, 2012

Tuesday Is Cool Justice Day

The Cool Justice column takes an offbeat look at news including wrongdoing in the politically-charged worlds of cops and courts. The column was inspired by 'justice stories' in The NY Daily News and the work of writers including Jimmy Breslin, Damon Runyon, Edna Buchanan, James Ellroy, Dashiell Hammett, Howard Zinn, Philip K. Dick and Raymond Chandler. The column’s range of topics also covers sports and the arts. Expect the unexpected in content, theme and perspective.

Tues., Oct. 1, 2012 column

The art of squeezing and flipping in smoky congressional probe

This is going to be a long winter for lame duck House Speaker Chris Donovan and seven remaining defendants in his congressional campaign scandal.

Flipping, rolling or becoming an informant is one of the few ways – outside outright acquittal – for a federal defendant to avoid prison or a long sentence.

Defendants are often placed in little room without windows and filled with agents as they are grilled for hours at a time.

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