Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who hit it right on Skakel: Jay Leno or Ct Supreme Court?

BREAKING / Wednesday afternoon, April 24, 2013: Greenwich Time, Hartford Courant and AP report that Michael Skakel will testify as early as Thursday.

  • Skakel testimony 4-25-13 via Litchfield County Times

  • The mechanics of justice are on display at Rockville Superior Court: It’s a bewildering tragedy with flawed characters at every level and on every side. We see betrayal, lives in shambles and the virtually limitless discretion of prosecutors, judges and lawyers to maintain their turf.

    Ostensibly, ongoing hearings are about whether attorney Mickey Sherman did an adequate job representing Michael Skakel. Skakel was one of at least four major suspects in the barbarous death of his Greenwich neighbor Martha Moxley in 1975 ...

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