Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tactics and Evidence in Badaracco Judge Bribery Trial

Did attorney Richard Meehan in effect win the defense arguments he lost last week in the Dominic Badaracco judge bribery trial?

Meehan lost an attempt to block reference to the death of Mary Badaracco in 1984. But, Meehan was able to plant a few land mines for a potential mistrial or reasonable doubt.

Dominic Badaracco, 77, is on trial in Bridgeport, accused of trying to bribe Judge Robert Brunetti of Goshen with an offer of $100,000 in an attempt to influence grand jury proceedings in which Badaracco was a target as the prime suspect.

Badaracco was able to gain a divorce in 1985, while his wife was listed as a missing person. Although no body was ever found, state police, the state’s attorney and Gov. William O’Neill reclassified the Sherman case as a homicide in 1990.

Despite having the resources of state police detectives, the state crime lab and inspectors from the Chief State’s Attorney’s office, Judge Arthur Hadden, the grand juror, failed to make a finding in 2011 ...

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